To be charged with the SpotOn Solar - Solar Power Lid only.  ​Do not use with USB wall chargers.  This unique LED bulb is a 7 Watt, 5V 400-500 Lumens/ equivalent in brightness to a 40 watt incandescent bulb.  Once it is charged using the Solar Power Lid you can remove the cord and then take it just about anywhere.  It is not waterproof so it can be damaged if left out in the rain or gets wet.    TO BE USED WITH THE SOLAR POWER LID.

Our bulbs are equipped with quality Epistar LEDs, not the cheaper, less reliable Chinese Sanam LEDs.  This allows our bulbs to have more lumens per watt making it that much more efficient.

Comes in cool white (best for illuminating buckets) and warm white (3500K). Our LED light bulb will illuminate for about 3-4 hours continuously at its brightest (500 lumens) and will continue to illuminate typically for about 6-8 hours.  The light bulb fades in brightness the longer it is on.  

On the Bucket List!

The Solar Power Lid fits nearly every one of the 250 million standard-sized plastic buckets made annually.  In other words, nearly every 12" diameter top-rim plastic bucket in the world!  This is thanks to Gamma Seal, a great American company which is one of the base lids on which we build our Solar Power Lid charger.

When used with a bucket, the Solar Power Lid, provides safe protection from weather anywhere, anytime of the year.  

Charges most cell phones, e-readers, portable LED lights, and USB batteries, etc. all by using the free and clean power of the sun.

With a robust 6.5 Watt mono-crystalline, 5-Volt panel embedded into the lid top, connect your 5-Volt / DC devices to the sophisticated USB port on the underside. During the daylight hours, you'll start charging right away AND keep your 5-Volt / DC device safe, out of site, and dry from practically any weather condition.  When the sun is out, and it is clear, your devices can receive charging at .3 - 1.0 amperes (the equivalent of 300 mAh to 1,000 mAh per hour).

Perfect size, and convenient, since it is already used with a very common item most people already have, a standard 5-gallon bucket.

Fishing, Camping, Hunting

Recreational vehicle trips

Sports Tailgating

Beach Days



Realities and Real World Testing

The Solar Power Lid does only what it CAN under given sunlight conditions.

SpotOn Solar


​​To make a Bucket Lantern, our Solar Power Lid, or for any bucket lid really, purchase one or more of our matching SpotOn Solar Rechargeable USB 7 Watt LED Light bulbs (see below).    TO BE USED with our Solar Power Lid.  

During the daytime our USB connectable, rechargeable, LED bulbs (that have an internal lithium-ion battery) plug into the Solar Power Lid USB port and can be charged from the sunlight (When the battery has been depleted it will take 2 hours of constant bright sunlight to charge fully).  

Do not over-charge and do not charge when the light bulb still has illumination when in the on position.  Always unplug the light bulb from the Solar Power Lid charger after 2 hours of charging.  You can use a spare USB battery as a power source to charge the light bulb.   

Later, as the sun goes down, just clip the LED light bulb to the underside of our Solar Power Lid, put the lid back on your  bucket, and you will have a portable, glowing Bucket Lantern.  Our rechargeable LED light bulb has a hook to easily attach to the underside of bucket lids.

BENEFITs:  Portability, Ease and Practicality of Uses

Unlike corded bucket lights which use traditional AC/DC outlets and long extension cords, our method of creating a solar bucket lantern is 100% portable, allowing you to go where you want, any time.  No wall plug or cord means you can go light up anywhere.  And if you use the Solar Power Lid to charge it you'll always have daylight charging power to charge and recharge again, again, and again.


$44.95  plus actual shipping cost

(Continental USA locations only) - Buckets are not included in the purchase. Tennessee Sales and Use Tax will apply to Tennessee sales and Tennessee residents 

To PURCHASE just click on this bar for instructions and ordering  

We use Paypal as our method in order to allow customers to feel secure.  We do not hold any credit card or personal information through our website.  We're just as scared as you are about making payments to small website businesses!   All transactions instead are processed and paid through Paypal's secure site.  

Our Paypal address will be sent to you with an invoice.  Shipping is typically United States Post Office Priority Mail.  

About Shipping Cost:  We've surveyed the shipping costs around the Country for shipping and it averages around $10-$17 (Continental USA only) to ship one Solar Power Lid.  We charge only for the actual cost.  

"Light Up" Anywhere!  

No Electrical Cord means it is 100% Portable - Safe - Bright - Beautiful and Unique - Decorative - Practical

SpotOn Solar

Outdoor Lighting  Courtesy of the Sun

Make no doubt about it, many chargers purport to charge as fast as a wall charger, or, even worse, at a continuous high stated amperage.  That is not quite true.  It is more a loosely stated, misrepresentation.  It disregards mentioning light and temperature fluctuations that can and will occur. The ability of a solar panel to provide charging or power is determined almost entirely by the available sunlight, and the position of the solar collector (the panel cells) exposed to that available sunlight.  In other words, our product, and any others you come across need sunlight, and need plenty of it to perform the best.  Excessive heat can also have an impact on the performance of the panel output.  The hotter it is, the less efficient the panel will be. 

The two pictures above were taken Thursday, February 18, 2016 in Cleveland, Tennessee at 11:30 A.M..  The temperature was around 40F, clear and sunny.  The Solar Power Lid is aimed at the sunlight at about a 45 degree tilt.  A Drok digital multimeter is directly attached to the Solar Power Lid USB port.  A Samsung Note 4 is attached to the Drok meter.  The Drok meter is intended to show the Solar Power Lid charge going into the Samsung Note 4 (Volts = 5.02 / Amps .92).  One thing we will not do at SpotOn Solar is hype charging speed.  It fluctuates, and yes, you will have days where it is only charging at .3 - .6 A as opposed to this day where the conditions were excellent.  

Charging on a 100% clear, sunny day you can expect 4.4 - 5.2 V with amperage ranging from .4 to slightly over 1.0 A.  This is a very safe and efficient charging speed for 5V / DC devices.  ​ Some phones, especially the iPhones, will sometimes not begin to charge unless they have about .5A and at least 4.75V.  The Samsung brand and really most Android phones are working really well with our product.

USB Solar Rechargeable 7 Watt LED Light Bulb

$19.95 plus shipping (Contintental USA locations only).

If purchased with a Solar Power Lid, on or before December 31, 2016,

one warm white LED light bulb is free!  

Solar Power Lid

Fits All 5-Gallon Standard Buckets!


Solar charger bucket lid 

for 5-Volt / DC USB devices anywhere, anytime  


Use your Solar Power Lid to also create a Bucket Lantern!​​

Available for purchase on this website and locally in Cleveland, Tennessee at 

Elder's Ace Hardware and Umber's Do It Best in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Invented and Assembled in the USA

Insist on the SpotOn Solar brand

There are knock-offs of our light being sold and they have drawbacks which we have addressed.

Our Specs are the Best:

Epistar LEDs  - we insisted on a better LED than the commonly found Chinese Sanam LED.  The Epistar LED is a better LED and is more efficient.

English instructions!  Believe it or not, most of the competition that sells similar looking light bulbs will not have instructions or instructions that are short and poorly written by authors who do not speak or write English well.

As an American with English as my native language, I wrote our instructions.  I now expect to eventually see my words plagiarized by one of our knock-off competitors.  

7 Watt LED total power, the equivalent of a 40 W incadenscent bulb.  Look under the hood.  Some claim to be 7W bulbs.  Most are not and the heat-sync shields are cheap, not designed for the job.  Not to fear, the LEDs will just burn out.

Comes in your choice Warm White (3500K) which is slightly yellow, and emits a slightly lesser total lumens as a result, OR, Cool White, 6500K.  The Cool White is in our opinion slightly the better choice for illumination of buckets.  They both will illuminate white buckets well though.  The Warm White has a warmer color to the eye which would be easier to use for reading etc.

Internal Lithium-ion battery is 1100 mAh (1.1A).  Our battery is not oversized and not undersized for the application.  Do not overcharge.  Always unplug after one hour of wall charger or 3 hours of Solar Power Lid charging.

Durable, clicking, on/off switch.  Our competitor knock-offs look almost identical, but when you feel the switch, you know it is not ours.  Also if you popped off the plastic casing you would notice a difference in the LEDs and chip board.  

Comes with a 90 Day Warranty.


Start using in minutes.  No separate tools are required.  There is no internal battery, so no stored power.  This is a daytime solar charger bucket lid.  It charges or provides power to 5 Volt - DC devices during daylight hours.  

To start charging your device(s), during daylight hours, you simply connect your 5V/DC device to the USB female port located on the bottom side of the Solar Power Lid.  

When the Solar Power Lid is on, screwed down, your contents are protected from the weather.  It is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Charge your 5V/DC cell phone, 5V bluetooth speaker, or a spare USB lithium-ion battery for later use.  

At night use the Solar Power Lid to hang our compatible USB Rechargeable LED Light Bulb to have a beautiful glowing Bucket Lantern for walking, by the campfire, in your tent, on decks, as a marker for your home or yard etc.