SpotOn Solar serves the USA as a factory representative, marketing and sales agent for Onthecase Ltd., British manufacturer of "the Solar Range" line of commercial quality lighting products, concentrating solely on ground LED, solar-powered lighting. Our approach is to first listen and then be an educator of how we might be able to enhance your commercial or residential applications.  We know our product well, not just technically on paper, but with actual hands-on experience to service if ever necessary.

Solarpost Bollard

Solarpost Video  

Solarpost Brochure (PDF)

The Solarpost is a flagship, statement bollard that performs consistently and reliably each night, practically anywhere in the world.  It uniquely encompasses the solar panels into the fixture shape.  Customers have commented a reason they chose Solarpost is because it inconspicuously blends into contemporary landscapes without a distracting spaceship look.  It is both stylish yet unassuming, and performs nightly very well, anywhere. The accent bollard uses American made CREE brand LEDs, and the housing is extremely durable made using cast aluminum, powder coated paint finishes, tamper resistant screws and solar panels, and chip boards engineered with the latest technology for efficient and maximum energy.  The aesthetically pleasing design of this commercial bollard speaks for itself.  No other commercial solar-powered bollard on the market has all of these features combined in one bollard, in our opinion.  

Solarcase Poster Information Case

Solarcase Brochure (PDF)


An elegant way to display public information in a durable, yet architecturally beautiful weather-proof case.  Illuminates at night, and even has sensors which smartly know when a person is in front of the case. Brightens as they are present, and then dims down slowly to a lesser brightness to conserve battery.  Used in city squares, campuses, outside museums, etc.  

​​Solar Street (Pedestrian Level Lighting)

Encompassing what we've learned with Solarpost and Solarcase, Solar Street debuts summer 2018 and is meant to illuminate walks and pathways, outside condos and villas, around pool decks, marinas, and piers.  Can also be used for advertising purposes.  Available in 7 foot heights and soon customized heights.  

Solar Street Brochure  (PDF)

Solareye 80 Path and Trail Delineator
Solareye 80 Video

Solareye Brochure



The Solareye 80 is a remarkably durable and reliable solar-powered LED pathway delineator.  Being waterproof rated (IP68) and made of highly durable polycarbonate material, the Solareye 80 is meant for pathways, cycle paths, walking paths, nature trails, even vertical installations such as fences, posts and walls that receive light.  

Quoted pricing is direct with Onthecase Ltd.

We are here to educate, to inform, and work with you on your project, site, with your GC or project management team.  We quote direct from the manufacturer, Onthecase Ltd.

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Jeremy Quirk - / (260) 445-8756

Onthecase Limited ( &

Solarpost, Solarcase, Solarstreet, & Solareye 80

Solar-powered, plug and play, flood light and batten light systems

We're pleased to be able to sell solar-powered, PLUG and PLAY, flood light and batten light systems (1500 to over 6000 Lumens) from Auroras Lighting.

Commercial Quality, Durability and Simplicity

When Auroras started its product line, it did something many have not - it listened to field sales people, to solar equipment installers, and they observed and really paid attention to what was being mentioned, what was being asked, and what was so needed in this space.  

​Based on the research, Auroras engineers found that customers wanted simplicity, quality technology and components, durability, and solar-panel choice flexibility.  They've achieved this.

Auroras design is a "plug and play" solar-powered flood light that has all of the components on the inside (other than the solar panel of course).  It has the battery, the charge controller, and a chip board that can be programmed for various schedules and brightness levels.  The housings and components are durable, weather resistant materials such as cast aluminum alloy, glass, Phillips (USA) LEDs, MPPT charger controllers, and lithium-phosphate (LiPO4) batteries rated at 2000 cycles, stainless steel hardware, sealed casing. 

Each lighting system is paired with sufficient watt power, industrial solar panels (mono crystalline cells) which use professional MC4 connectors.  

There are only two components to your system:  the lighting head and the solar panel.  This allows our customers to connect the HELIOS lighting head via MC4 connectors to either an Auroras 18V panel or any MC4 18V equipped solar panel.

We're proud to offer the HELIOS flood light and APOLLOS "batten" lighting system (also a plug and play system great for barns, sheds, kiosks, tents, car ports, bus or train shelters etc.).

​Pricing is very reasonable and is direct through SpotOn Solar for Auroras.  We quote direct to your door from the factory in Zhuhai (China).  There is no mark-up on our end.  Your pricing is factory direct.

To learn more about the products please click on the links provided below for each line.  



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SpotOn Solar specializes solely in solar-powered LED ground lighting.  

We don't delve into solar panels on roofs, fields, or larger street light applications, and so on.  We're focused only on what we know and can do well.  Our choices and associations are very focused in order to enhance and continually educate our expertise in this limited range of ground LED lighting applications.  We have arguably the best available, most reasonably affordable commercial grade products for the limited applications.  

All of our product associations are with quality, leading manufacturers of solar-powered LED ground, pedestrian lighting.  We offer the very finest commercial solar-powered bollard, poster information cases, solar street lights at pedestrian heights (up to14 feet), flood lighting systems, batten lights (plug and play systems), and ground and accent solar-powered LED lighting.  We're passionate about our own learning, so we like to share what we've learned with our customers both by experience and continuing education.  

We listen first and then help you choose what's best for your application, for your project.  We'll happily work side by side or behind the scenes with your GCs and project management teams. 

With no trenching, no wiring, no conduit or extensive ground disruption, affordably add beauty and safety lighting, delineators, bollards to entry and exit areas, public or private trails, paths, driveways and small streets with extremely weather-resistant, long-lasting (years) lighting fixtures.  Cost-effective, and very easy to install. You can find commercial quality product for landscape and safety needs at reasonable pricing, great warranties and service through SpotOn Solar.


WALL / STEP LIGHT - OEMfg is Sresky


Warm (2700 Kelvin) lighting, perfect for lower wall, stair steps, or along the side rails of stairs. Rugged, weather proof, stylish yet durable aluminum alloy casing.   

Battery Life / Replacement

Light will illuminate two (2) to three (3) years depending on how much sunlight exposure the lights receives daily.  Uses a 18650 2600 mah Lithium-ion battery which must be replaced by SpotOn (or through SpotOn).  Return your light, and we'll clean your light and send back the light with the new battery installed ($14.95 includes return shipping plus cost of return shipping).

Price Each

$44.95  Price will include shipping.  

Tennessee residents or use in Tennessee are required to pay sales tax (9.75%).

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Bollards, Poster Information Cases, Path and Trail Delineators, Wall/Step Light, Flood and Batten Light Systems

Advanced Technology - Proven Durability - Commercial Grade - Solid Warranties - Affordable

SpotOn Solar

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