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Solar Powered Ground Lighting Using the Best Technology

100% Waterproof 
No Battery to Replace 

No Wiring

No Trenching
Beautiful Colors from which to Choose

November 2015 - Cleveland, Tennessee based
SpotOn Solar™ is pleased to be offering for sale these incredible solar powered super capacitor ground lights.  This product technology will be a groundbreaker in the landscape and accent lighting industries.   While our solar powered ground lights using traditional battery technologies are also the finest we can find, the use of a super capacitor eliminates battery replacement and changes everything. Obvious longer life, superior build quality, and much less need for eventual replacement.

For landscape professionals, and also the general public, here are some of the immediate pros over battery technology:

1.  These solar lights can charge faster than traditional battery lights, able to fully replenish in about 4 hours of direct sunlight as opposed to 5-7 hours (for a Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd, or LiFePO4 battery).

2.  Super capacitor solar powered lights are literally endless in the number of charges and discharge cycle (100,000 cycles or in years 273 years).  In comparison our very best selling ground light (the SPOESL01) has a cycle rating of 1,000 cycles and is expected to last anywhere from 3-5 years before it completely is dim and the lithium-ion battery is either replaced or you dispose of the old and replace the light. 

3.  These stainless steel cased lights are 100% sealed and waterproof (IP68 Rating).  We do not recommend they be placed under water for general use. If it is sitting under water from a heavy rain or temporary high water situation, the light will work. 

4.  These lights will come with a standard two (2) year limited warranty.   Abuse, abrasion from improper use or incorrect installation location points that subject the surface to abrasion, or dropping the lights will not be covered.

5.  Can be used as decorative accent lights or as actual portions of an inset paver plan for homes, for parks, for plazas, corporate entry-ways and corners etc.  Use your imagination!  There is NO WIRING, NO TRENCHING.  Set it where you want and it starts lighting within one day or less.

6.  Super capacitor solar powered ground lighting units will last longer before replacement is necessary.    

7.  Super capacitors do not develop “memory” issues with partial charging or discharging. 

8.  Can be used in -40F to 140F conditions.

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